UCA Cash Flow Analysis

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    Speaker: David Sawyer

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    Duration: 90 Minutes
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    Level: Intermediate

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This webinar is designed to assist bankers:

• Calculate cash flow utilizing the Uniform Cash Flow Analysis (UCA) method.
• Apply the analysis to better understand borrower’s cash flow.
• Compare the UCA method of calculating cash flow to the less effective traditional methods of determining cash flow.


To better understand the benefits of utilizing UCA in analyzing cash flow.


UCA Cash Flow Analysis and application of the analysis to better understand borrower’s cash flow:

• An Illustration on how Cash Flow Analysis is used to transition an Accrual Basis Financial Statement into a Statement of Cash Flow (or Cash Basis Statement) because loans are repaid with cash and not profits.
• Review of the Rules of Cash Flow which are essential in determining how much cash is generated from items on the balance sheet.
• Comparison of the UCA method of calculating cash flow to the less effective traditional cash flow analysis.


Participants of this cash flow accounting webinar will have a good understanding of how cash flow is calculated and more importantly, how to interpret its meaning.


• Senior Loan Officers
• Credit Analysts
• Senior Credit Officers
• Loan Review Personnel
• Loan Officers
• Credit Administration Support Staff
• Bank Directors
• Members of Bank’s Loan Committee


Years of Experience: 38+ years

Areas of Expertise: Banking and Finance

David Sawyer's experience in banking began in 1981 in the area of credit administration with Central Bank of the South. Since that time he has served in the capacity of senior lender, senior credit officer and president and CEO of a community bank and two regional bank affiliates. His banking experience includes corporate, middle market and small businesses with emphasis on Clending as well as SBA and lending to municipalities.

David has a B.S degree with a major in banking and finance and is a graduate of LSU School of Banking. He recently received Credit Risk Certification from Robert Morris and Associates (RMA). David has enjoyed teaching and training other bankers throughout his career and has held numerous teaching certifications in the banking area.

David lends extensive knowledge and experience in lending, credit analysis and problem loan identification/workout in addition to experience with banking regulators in the present environment.

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